Don't frack Scotland!

Don't frack Scotland!

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Petrochemical giant INEOS wants to flood Scotland with fracking wells.

The company, which owns the Grangemouth refinery, plans to drill 1,400 fracking wells across the Central Belt. But it can’t -- not with the fracking moratorium in place in Scotland.

So INEOS is putting huge pressure on the Scottish government to lift the moratorium next spring, saying it should be able to frack freely. We urgently need to speak out to stop INEOS in its tracks.

Tell INEOS not to frack Scotland!

Fracking is a hugely destructive form of oil and gas drilling -- it uses a technique of breaking up rock to get at the natural gas, and there are serious environmental concerns. Ground water can be contaminated by the gases and toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. And waste from the fracking process is commonly mishandled.

But INEOS wants to frack right across the UK. It’s lodging 30 planning applications for fracking in England, in the hope of being able to start drilling early next year. And here in Scotland, it’s campaigning to overturn the fracking moratorium -- even attacking fracking opponents like Friends of the Earth.

And now it’s really turning up the heat on the Scottish government - branding its position on fracking as ‘absurd’ as it announces plans to import fracked gas from the US from next month.

We can’t let INEOS take over our precious countryside. This is a company that has already said it wants to dump filthy fracking wastewater into our seas. Its founder, billionaire Brexiteer Jim Ratcliffe, left the UK in 2010 to avoid paying taxes. And, in Scotland, INEOS has been involved in brutally crushing the unions at Grangemouth.

As a community, we've been fighting the threat of fracking in Britain for years. Almost 130,000 of us spoke out to keep oil and gas drilling out of our national parks. Now let’s mount an even greater opposition, making it clear that frackers don’t have the support they need to set up shop.

Tell INEOS not to frack Scotland.

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