Email your fund manager to prevent climate catastrophe

Email your fund manager to prevent climate catastrophe

RBC is financing the climate crisis. As the 5th largest funder of fossil fuel projects in the world, it dumps billions every year into fossil fuel projects, including destructive pipelines and tar sands mines.

But did you know that your retirement savings could help make RBC change its ways and be part of the solution to stopping climate change?

That’s because if you have a pension, including CPP or QPP, superannuation or mutual fund, it’s probably invested in RBC, and that means you have the power to force RBC to stop financing climate catastrophe.

We submitted a powerful shareholder proposal calling on RBC to limit its role in causing climate chaos by reducing how much it lends to fossil fuel companies.

This proposal would ensure that RBC gets on course to prevent climate catastrophe. But in order for it to pass, we need your help. 

With RBC's shareholder meeting just weeks away, we've set up this easy-to-use tool. Just search for your pension (including CPP and CDPQ) and an email will go directly to its fund manager. You can edit the text that appears in black if you would like.