INEOS: Don't frack the UK!

INEOS: Don't frack the UK!

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Petrochemical giant INEOS is planning to flood the UK with fracking wells. And we've now learnt how the government plans to bribe people with cash payments to allow fracking in their community.

Billionaire businessman Jim Ratcliffe left the UK in 2010 to avoid paying taxes. Now he’s back, and he has big plans for the UK -- and for his company, INEOS.

He wants INEOS to become the biggest fracking company in the UK -- so he’s lodging 30 planning applications for fracking over the next six months. If Ratcliffe gets his way, his company will be drilling dozens of test wells in the UK as early as the start of next year.

We urgently need to speak out to stop INEOS in its tracks. Will you take a moment to sign our petition?

INEOS: Don’t frack the UK.

Fracking is an especially destructive form of oil and gas drilling -- it uses a technique of breaking up rock to release natural gas, and there are serious environmental concerns. Ground water can be contaminated by the gases and toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. And waste from the fracking process is commonly mishandled.

But now INEOS, which has rights covering 1 million acres, wants to frack in communities across Britain.

To make matters worse Theresa May, in one of her first acts as prime minister, abolished the Department for Energy and Climate Change -- moving responsibility for climate change into the new department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The man in charge of BEIS? Greg Clarke. Who, in his previous job as communities secretary wanted to force fracking on local communities, by taking that decision making power away from local councils.

And now Theresa May has proposed that people who live near fracking sites should receive cash handouts. This is clearly a government that’s still ‘going all out for shale’ and will do anything to buy public support.

We can’t let INEOS take over our precious countryside. This is a company that has already said it wants to dump filthy fracking wastewater into the sea. It’s a company that moved to Switzerland to avoid paying UK taxes. And it’s a company that’s been involved in brutally crushing the unions at its Grangemouth facility in Scotland.

As a community, we've been fighting the threat of fracking in Britain for years. Almost 130,000 of us spoke out to keep oil and gas drilling out of our national parks. Now let’s mount an even greater opposition, making it clear that frackers don’t have the support they need to set up shop - with or without government ‘bribes’.

Tell INEOS not to frack the UK.

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