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Stop Trump from wrecking the Scottish countryside

Stop Trump from wrecking the Scottish countryside

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**Update: 16 August 2017: We just heard that Aberdeenshire council has postponed the decision on these plans and is awaiting further information. It's time to put the pressure on and make sure the environmental agencies are listened to!**

Donald Trump is still intent on expanding his golf course in Aberdeenshire.

But last week, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage formally objected to the move, warning Aberdeenshire council not to green light the existing plans, citing problems with sewage, pollution and environmental protection.

Aberdeenshire council have just postponed the decision on the plans, and if we convince them to listen to the environmental agencies, we can stop Trump in his tracks. It’s time to call for Aberdeenshire council to do the right thing and take the advice of the experts.

Aberdeenshire council -- reject Trump’s plans to expand his golf course.

Trump’s behaviour over his plans for his golf resort has been dishonest from the start.

First, he attempted to back out of a promise to build local housing and a primary school as part of his plans, before dissolving a body created to safeguard the local environment.

Now, despite all the warnings from agencies, Trump wants to go ahead with his plans regardless, despite the risks to the local environment. Aberdeenshire’s dune systems are one of the last true unspoilt wildernesses in the UK - and when they’re gone, they’ll be gone for good.

Trump wants to ignore all this to get his way, and he wants it on the cheap - without connecting his expanded resort to water or sewage networks, leaving it to pollute the local environment.

Trump’s arrogance even led him to claim in a new book that plans had already been accepted -- before the council had even considered them. But this is far from decided, and if we put pressure on Aberdeenshire council, we can get these destructive plans shelved.

Aberdeenshire council - stand up to Trump and reject his plans.

We’ve stood up against corporations wrecking the environment many times before. When INEOS demanded the Scottish government open up the central belt for fracking, SumOfUs members helped lead the call to stand up to them and their lobbyists.

Trump's rhetoric has bolstered white supremacists across the globe leading to the horrific events in Virginia this past weekend. Now we have a chance to reject Trump's hatred and protect our environment in one fell swoop.

SumOfUs members have also been leading the struggle against Trump’s corporate coup in the US, helping to get business leaders such as Tesla's Elon Musk and Disney's Bob Iger to step down from Trump’s advisory council. But now it’s time to take the fight to his plans here in the UK.

Stand up to Trump’s bullying -- tell Aberdeenshire council to block the plans.

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